Inherited a house that you prefer to convert into cash?

We Buy Inherited Houses As-Is, Pay a Fair Price, and Remove of Any UnWanted Personal Belongings So You Don't Lift a Finger

Inheriting a house is typically a blessing.   However you may have learned that it can also become a real nightmare.  Between feuding family members, maintaining the property, paying to keep the utilities going or dealing with the county taxes; selling the house and selling it quickly and in it's as-is condition can typically be the best action to take.  That's where we come in.

We help heirs convert inherited houses into cash!

How?  First if there was a will, we help the Executor obtain their Letters of Testamentary from the Probate Judge.  If no will is in existence, we prepare and record Affidavits of Heirship for all the parties with an interest in the property.

Now That You Have the Legal Right to Sell the Property...

We will buy the house As-Is and close after all family members have had an opportunity to review and remove all the personal belongings of interest in the house.  Many owners will close with us, and then lease the house back for $1 until AFTER they have had an estate sale.  This way, they get the cash they need to cover other expenses that pop up.

Lastly, we will remove any unwanted personal belongings

Typically the family will remove any personal items they wish to keep as well as sell via an estate sale the unwanted items.  But what do you plan on doing with those items you don't sell nor want?  That's where selling to us becomes advantageous.  When we buy houses As-Is, it's truly as-is...meaning with any unwanted personal belongings.  Bottom line...we'll take care of removing these items so that you don't have to.

We want to buy your inherited Austin house As-Is at a Fair Price!

So contact us today!  We'll make you a cash offer and we'll buy the house As-IsYou won't make a single repair.  We will close as quickly or as slowly as you like.   We will pay you a fair price so that you can get back to living your life instead of dealing with all the items that can pop up once you've inherited a house.

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