Are you fed up with owning a rental house you no longer want?
If You Could Sell the House; As-Is, at a Fair Price, and Close Before Your Next Mortgage Payment; all Without Disturbing Any Tenants…Would You?

We buy houses Austin Landlords no longer want; As-Is, for Cash, and without disturbing the tenant

Do you have a rental house that you would love to get rid of?
You know… the kind that you’re dying to sell but don't want to go through the hassle and expense of fixing up.
Or, the kind that became an unplanned rental property?

There's nothing less enjoyable than being an accidental landlord.
I know because I've been one myself.

Well, if you own a house like this, then I'd like to speak with you.
See, we buy houses that may need a little fixing up to make into good rental property.  If you have such a house;  we'd like to buy it!

We've been buying houses from Landlords since 2002,
and it seems like every time we close with one of the owners
they say the same thing...

"I feel like I'm getting my life back".

Do you have property that’s keeping you from getting on with your life?
If so, then let’s talk.

We buy rental houses As-Is, at a Fair Price.

Now, I know you may be skeptical.
Especially when I say I buy houses at a Fair Price.
Kinda sounds like Rainbows and Unicorn type B.S.
but I’m serious…

I hate contentious conversations about money and people who make low ball offers.
For this, I let you set the price...and, that’s how I know it’s fair.

See if I can meet the price you want to sell for; then I will.
I want to make a win-win transaction.
And the best way to do that is to pay the price you seek.

Now, Of course I’m looking for a good deal.  Otherwise, I’d just buy houses from Realtors out of the MLS.  My hope is that we can both benefit buy doing a direct sale without all the drama and 3rd parties.

Plus…if we can close this month….I’ll  pay your closing costs.
But we must close this month!

So I’ll simply ask you directly, "what is the lowest amount you're willing to sell the house for
and still feel like you got a fair deal?"

If I can pay that price….I will.

All without any Hidden Charges, Commissions or Fees,
and with the added benefit of me paying all the closing costs.

So if you like the idea of selling your house As-Is, and Closing before your next mortgage payment is even due....All, with me paying your closing costs…
Then call me directly at 512-535-4706, or Click Below on "Get My Free Offer"

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