Do you need to sell a house fast for cash?  If so, you're in the right place!

We Buy Houses in Austin Fast for Cash

Do you have a house you need to sell quickly?

Life happens, and when it does you may need to sell a house fast for cash
in it's As-Is Condition.  When you need to sell a house fast, often there's
no time or money to be worried about having to make repairs.

Problem is, when you sell your home via traditional real estate channels
this is precisely what is asked of a homeowner.  Not to mention that
selling your home could take months.

These days, banks are being very strict on their lending.  For this, Buyers
are writing offers thinking they are pre-approved; just to notify the Seller
2 days before closing that their loan has fallen through.

Owners who need to sell fast for cash can't take this risk.
Fortunately, Austin House Buyers has an easy solution.

Get Fast Cash for Your House

Austin House Buyers has been buying houses in Austin since 2002.
We buy houses, duplexes, apartment buildings and even some commercial property.
We buy from Owner's who are looking to sell quickly for cash in an As-Is condition.

The advantage of selling to Austin House Buyers is that:

  • We pay cash for our houses so there is never a loan contingency
  • We buy houses AS IS - so you will never invest a dime to make a repair
  • We will close on the date you choose


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