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Do you need to sell your house fast for cash, but are you uncertain whether we have a solution that fits your needs?

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We buy houses in good condition, homes in poor condition, houses in foreclosure, inherited houses, vacant houses, homes with tenants...get the point?

Bottom line, we buy houses in all sorts of conditions and in all types of situations.  The benefit of selling to Austin House Buyers is that you can count on:
•    Fast Offers
•    Cash Offers
•    Quick Closes
•    No Repairs Necessary
•    Foreclosure Prevention
•    Flexible Lease Back Options

We buy houses with the following solutions for owners:

Need to Sell a House Fast but Move Out Later?

There are situations where a house needs to be sold fast, in it's as-is condition.  Many of these reasons do not involve any type of financial distress, rather you simply need to convert a house into cash that can be used for other things.  Often times we find this to be the case when children are selling a house to pay for their parents assisted living, or a business opportunity has presented itself and you need to sell to get the cash needed to participate.  No matter the reason, we will buy your house fast, and then if you need time to vacate or obtain personal belongings, we will lease the house back to you so that you may transition out of the house in a manner that fits your needs.  Learn more here how to sell your house fast.

Going through, or completed, a Divorce?

The goal of a divorce is to end a marriage, divide up the common assets so two people can move on separately with their lives.  The best scenario is to make a clean break of one another.  Unfortunately, a house often exists with a mortgage in both parties' names.  This is why we buy houses from divorcing couples who no longer wish to be tied to each other via a house.  Click here to learn more.

Have you inherited a house?

Inheriting a house can be an absolute gift and god send to the heir.  However there are times when this gift starts to become a real nightmare.  Maintenance expenses begin mounting, taxes start becoming due; not to mention that if you do not live at the property; the time it takes to keep checking in on it starts to become a real hassle.  For this Austin House Buyers will buy your inherited house as-is and for cash.  Learn more here how we buy houses that have been inherited in Austin.

Are you the Executor of an Estate and Need to Sell a House?

At Austin House Buyers, we understand the probate process.  Whether you have opened probate or are just beginning the process, we will buy the house as-is and we have the patience to wait while you go through the probate process.  Plus, if you are unclear about any aspect of the probate process, or on how you go about obtaining the Letters of Testamentary, we will assist you.  Learn more about how we buy houses from Austin estates here.

Tired of Dealing with Code Enforcement and Prefer to Sell a House Fast?

Austin Code Enforcement has become worse than living in a community with a Home Owner's Association.  They will fine you thousands of dollars and place a lien on your property if their required repairs are not handled promptly.  In lieu of haggling with the city, and pulling all the permits that may be required to bring your property up to code; Selling your property may be a much better route to take.  For this we buy houses with code violations and work directly with Code Enforcement to get them to back off.  Learn more about how to sell a house with Code Violations here.

We Buy Houses in Foreclosure

Is all the strain and hassle of haggling with your lender to avoid foreclosure worth the stress?  Ready to sell the house and move on with your life?  Since 2002, we have bought more than 500 houses from owners who found themselves in a preforeclosure situation.  We have mastered the process of fast closings so that you may sell your house fast and close prior to the foreclosure date.  If selling your home is a last minute decision; we will stop your foreclosure and then buy your house for cash.  Learn more about how we buy houses in foreclosure here.

Tired of Being a Landlord?  We buy rental properties fast!

For more than 10 years, we have been buying rental properties that ex-landlords no longer want.  We will buy the house with the tenant present, and do so in a manner that does not disturb them.  Click here to learn more about how we buy rental houses fast.

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