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“Who Do We Buy Houses From?”

We buy houses from owners that prefer to sell their home quickly. Typically, they have a deadline for when they want their house sold by, and a dollar amount they need to net.

That’s why when we buy houses, we pay cash. By being a Cash Buyer, we can close as quickly as you would like.

Learn more here about how and why we buy houses in Austin.

“I’ve gotta admit that i was a little apprehensive and skeptical. I saw “We Buy Houses guys everywhere.  I’m glad I got the right one! I really appreciate you being up front with me about the value of my house, what you were planning on spending to fix it up, as well as other alternatives that didn’t even involve working with you, in the end you bought the house, gave us time to get our things
together, and even helped with the expenses of moving. Thank you for doing exactly what you promised
you would do. I will definately let any family or friends know about your company.

Mary P.
Sparkling Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78729

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But What Kind of an Offer Will I Make?
Let me ask what you really wanna ask: “Are you going to waste my time with a low ball offer to buy my house?”


I say I make a fair offer and I mean. Now, by no means will I be paying market value; especially for houses that require significant repairs. If you have time and the money to get market value; then I encourage you to list the house with a Realtor so that the market may view it, and give you market value.
However, if you can be flexible on the price, and understand that you will be exchanging time and hassle for money; then we can likely work something out.

“I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I needed to be in West Texas by the start of Summer and didn’t have the money I’d need to fix up my condo, catch up the past due payments and sell it. You guys were upfront, about the value, and the costs to fix it up. I was even shocked when you told me I should list it to make more money. Bottom line, I was very happy with the outcome. I closed when I wanted, got the money I wanted, and had little to no hassles.”

Heather Cox.
Austin, TX 78704

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Don’t Over-Think It…

If you have a property you need to sell, then you won’t find a more serious house buyer in Austin than us. You have absolutely nothing to risk and all the benefits of selling your house As-Is, directly to a buyer with no fees or commissions, to gain.

So fill out the form on this page or call Christopher at 512-535-4706.

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